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Scalding hot drilling map enterprise brand
2019/5/24 16:40:20
The brand construction is the enterprise sustainable development the core competitiveness of the brand building is the core competitiveness of products in the value system
Brand building from the beginning of product identification: the first is to establish the brand in the product basis, no effective product identification based brand awareness and loyalty is but an illusion, consumers will not be ignorant to release the product brand been enthusiastic point, consumer loyalty is based on the function and value of products familiar with selective behavior on the basis of the only products and consumers to achieve full contact and communication, will eventually win customers vote, products is the most basic platform of communication with consumers, but not the other, no products as the basis, brand building has become illusory castles in the air. Our company has always been based on the quality of products, strive to do the best, and strive to create excellent brand, so to win the trust of our customers.
The establishment of standards through the product identification: the Chinese market at present a lot of product category is not standard. At present, our company newly launched new products environmental protection hot drilling, lead content standards through validation by authoritative international organizations, we launched the environmental hot drilling, consistent with the Swiss SGS (SGS) standard, high brightness, size section of symmetry, the water clear, reasonable price, prompt delivery, welcome to purchase. Our product quality and customer reputation has won the trust of customers at home and abroad.
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