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The influence on the development of industry of garment accessories
2019/5/24 16:40:57

After 20 years of development, China's garment accessories industry already has a considerable size, and a variety of products, the formation of which can basically meet the domestic demand and international competitiveness of production system. At the same time, China's garment industry of garment auxiliary material put forward higher requirements, the domestic garment accessories professional markets such as bamboo shoots have been established, the establishment of the market on the one hand indicates that the Chinese garment accessories industry development constantly, garment accessories market pregnant with great business opportunities and potential; on the other hand indicates that the rapid development of garment industry on the production of garment accessories strong demand and requirements. Accessories industry, fashion industry are interdependent partners relationship, clothing as a leading, if the lack of accessories with, cannot form an effective whole. Therefore, the rapid development of the garment industry is also put forward higher requirements on materials. The two industry of mutual cooperation, coordinated development, is the common needs of mature China clothing, accessories industry trend.
Now accessories development status:
The three category to drive the development of the industry from the current status of accessories industry industry development, zipper, interlining and buttons this three category and function, even more prominent, and become a pioneer of garment accessories industry, led to the development of the whole accessories industry.
A, 60% of the world's zipper is Chinese manufacturing world 60% zipper zipper manufacturing are 60% Chinese although is a small industry, is a very high degree of concentration of industry technology. At present, China has become the world's largest producer of zipper. According to statistics, the world is more than 60% of China zipper manufacturing. "Chinese zipper industry with international competitiveness and overall influence, has no one nation can replace". China zipper production in 2006 reached 28000000000 meters, sales value reached 30000000000 yuan. The zipper is one of the ten great inventions of the last century, has the most effect on mankind at present, this product has twenty thousand patents in 7 countries and two international organizations, is a technology intensive products. China zipper development has been 70 years of history, has a higher industry concentration, customer satisfaction, brand awareness and international competitiveness. Chinese has become the world manufacture center zipper.
Two, cloth quality breakthrough according to incomplete statistics, in 2006 China's production of interlining about nearly 3000000000 meters, with annual sales of nearly 6000000000 yuan. Interlining industry development is not only reflected in the quantity, the quality has also made certain breakthrough. The use of domestic garment production enterprises currently interfacing, as the fourth generation of interlining fusible interlining (nonwovens fusible interlining / woven fusible interlining). High quality brand name clothing has already begun to use domestic lining, and can substitute imported products, saves a large amount of foreign exchange for the country. Previously, many domestic high-quality suit enterprises need lining needs to be imported, but now they use the fourth generation of interlining fusible interlining (nonwovens fusible interlining / woven fusible interlining) many are made. China is one of the important production base of the world clothing lining, and has become the world's interlining production country.
The three button production, strong country China currently has a total of nearly 1000 button production enterprises, their production button both in product quality or technical level, has reached the international advanced level. At present in the world except Japan, Italy a few buttons to foreign production enterprises, mainly in developed countries are basically the shutdown button factory, a large amount of production capacity has been transferred to our country. Our existing button production enterprises Jinqian Jia, makes Chinese became the world big country of production and the power button, and the technical level, product quality has reached the international advanced level. Development of this three category of stimulating the development of the whole accessories industry, while other category either from the scale of production or from the industrial development level of speaking still needs to be improved, but it also revealed another kind of information, the future development of the domestic materials is market potential is very great. In short, Chinese garment industry production, but because of the lack of effective integration and product innovation, to enhance the role of the apparel industry chain value is not obvious. In particular China face accessories products have long been relying on price competition, the serious lack of brand strategy, resulting in low product added value, the enterprise survival difficult, in the whole industry chain appears to be of little effect.

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