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Garment accessories enterprises to explore "separation" mode
2019/5/24 16:37:45

Core tip: as a new round of marketing season, Hualian, 932 fur, Wang Miao, liberal arts enterprises of Quanzhou garment accessories industry, with new products and new technology flourish in the market. In order to new products to market faster, these accessories enterprises began to develop agents, construction of professional marketing team.
Garment accessories net fuliao.com hearing tested in the market in the clothing industry at the same time, as the enterprise clothing materials supporting business can not be an exception. Quanzhou materials industry in this round of test, experiencing the transformation of marketing separation mode.
"Two disc business" grab a single serious
"Compared with last year, the volume of orders declined this year many." "Existing customers place an order quantity of garment enterprises, at least 1/3 less than last year, so the company to develop new customers." "The downstream garment enterprises, this year is still not optimistic." Coincidentally, several clothing accessories issued enterprises are not very optimistic voice.
Facing the garment accessories production enterprises is not only the current situation of garment industry downturn, and with the inter industry fierce market competition.
"The company of the door-to-door salesman when looking for customers to talk about business, often also met several 'two disc manufacturers' scramble alone, do not go on the price. As the appearance of the products, our company to the quality of the first lock, and some 'two disc business' is the use of materials and production process more time, so we in price competition at a disadvantage." Boya garment trademark Co., the relevant responsible person said that Miss Cai, curtailed cases in the existing customers a single volume, "two disc business" grab a single is to add a layer of haze for the production of enterprises.
It is reported, in recent years, with the rapid development of lions accessories industry, a lot of learning "in the manufacturing enterprises in a martial arts" sales personnel began to keep house, become "two disc business". These "two disc business" caused great impact on the development of some of the production enterprises, especially when these two years the market is not good, the impact is more obvious, even caused the price war.
Hualian materials planning director Chen Zhigui said, any formats are very natural thing, each format have their location to fit customer groups, when the product is playing when the price war, someone did not find consistent customer positioning, positioning or customer has not in conformity with the development, production of the enterprise so enterprises should enhance their own, further more, the development of high levels of customer.
The development of agents marketing separation
"Two disc business" in the impact of the industry at the same time, also bring reflection. Many enterprises such as Xinshengda started to test the agent mechanism, to contend with. It is reported that the end of last year, Xinshengda raised global investment banner, the establishment of marketing agent oriented, meets two times a year to order and agent, the sales link to let the agent business.
"The sale of independence, by service agents (garment accessories suppliers) operation. The company give the agents more profits, thereby allowing more profits to the terminal, to bring the sales performance of ascension, as at present, has got more than 100 agents." Star Group chairman assistant Lin Yeqing said, production enterprises to do their own sales, of course, the profit will be higher, but the company decided to more profits to the agents, by laying out the bigger market channel.
Similarly, in order to occupy the volume expansion of the market, the faithful accessories also began in some recruit agents.
"I think the Thai Xin this road is to go on, the development of late these accessories business, the current is difficult to walk the straight battalion mode, but you can use of force, through the agents to join more quickly in the country or even the global scope of the surface spread, the brand influence played out." Chen Zhigui said, although the Hualian now are the direct mode, but before 2000, the agent is also very much, to quickly open the market.
Including Wang Miao clothing accessories enterprise inside, also think that only the separation of production, make the professional people to do professional thing, can be achieved to maximize the value of the.
"The separation of production division is the most benefits to this, and so it proved. The decline in the past two years garment quantity, invoice the company not only lowering, rising and slightly." Wang Miao clothing accessories limited company chairman Xu Yuanwang said that the division of labor and cooperation can not only realize the scale, and can fulfill the professional. As long as the enterprises do not fear the professional market, and if each link do, distracted, finally each link do not specifically.
Xu Yuanwang said, domestic many enterprises have a common characteristic is "every link in the production, sales of all want to do, the money each want to earn their own pockets", resulting in a scale with professional are difficult to achieve, and the division of labor and cooperation is a good way to compromise.
But also the industry analysis, the separation of production also have risks, eventually need to return to the straight camp.
Chen Zhigui pointed out that although the agents can the surface spread fast, but there also exist some disadvantages, for example, in the aspect of brand culture and business philosophy and other agents, it is difficult to tell the company fully fit for the latter part of the customer service is also difficult to do. When the enterprise has the strength, no longer need outside help to share time operating costs, or should they self-produced self marketing, so for customer service can be done in place, the idea to perfect sales and production of fit.

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