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Textile and clothing how to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises
2019/5/24 16:38:50

With the sharp drop in the European debt crisis of foreign orders, the domestic raw material prices, labor costs increase, problems such as labor shortage is also in constant development of clothing enterprises and clothing enterprises are now facing the dilemma of development seriously; clothing enterprises are constantly explore the standardization, pipelining, modern mode of production, the realization of garment enterprises efficient production, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Efficient mode of production of clothing has been the industry to explore the topic, how to improve the mode of production, transformation and upgrading, to build a modern clothing enterprise?
First, optimize the management system, change now clothing enterprise management system, a lot of Chinese clothing enterprises management loopholes are more, many have not formed a system of management, or directly is nepotism management, therefore, many problems appear in a lot of new technology application, but also there are many problems in the talent and progressive; optimization management model management introduction modernization is the key of enterprise transformation.
Two, intelligent technology application products, the introduction of technology equipment and new products, to create intelligent garment factory, through the intelligent device software to change the traditional mode of production of the original industrial workers, improve quality, improve the production efficiency; as has been changing garment factory production pattern of clothing science and technology products, must be highly concerned about the object of the enterprise. To grasp the power of science and technology, changing production patterns.
Three, new technology application and promotion, new technology of assistive technology industry, booster has been but also the development of the enterprise; and now the popular clothing template technology, production of auxiliary fixture, a cause for concern in a number of exhibition equipment this year, applications such as clothing template technology, improve production efficiency and product quality at the same time. To reduce the technical requirements of the workers to solve the employment problem; application to grasp new technology, more conducive to build water production mode.
Four, the development of the electronic commerce network marketing, expand sales channels. China garment accessories net www.fuliao.com relevant responsible person said, the electronic commerce network marketing saves high stall rents, low cost, low risk, without limits of time and space, the advantages of high efficiency of clothing enterprises, become especially necessary garment accessories enterprise competition force.

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